Katie for president? Don’t hold your breath.

If Katie Couric is contemplating a mid-life career change—and who could blame her these days?—she probably shouldn’t try running for president. In an oddball poll by Rasmussen Reports, 8 percent of adults said they’d definitely vote for Couric if she were on the presidential ballot, but 62 percent would definitely vote against her. For comparison’s sake, Daily Show host Jon Stewart also has 8 percent saying they’d definitely vote for him. But fewer people said they’d definitely vote against Stewart (38 percent), which may simply mean more people are indifferent to him than to Couric. Notwithstanding his on-field leadership in the Super Bowl (and his engaging performance in commercials), Peyton Manning also had lackluster numbers in this poll: 5 percent would definitely vote for him for president, while 54 percent would vote against him.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver