K-Fed can sell records, just not his own

Justin_1 Now that Britney Spears is remedying her poor choice of husband, this ad has lost some of its punch. But you get the idea: When at the record store, don’t follow Britney’s lead; instead, choose Justin Timberlake over Kevin Federline. Though it’s already dated, this ad, promoting Timberlake’s new album, sure beats the same glossy, airbrushed crap I’m used to seeing in pop-music marketing: a girl smearing her breasts across the camera lens, or some doofus with frosted hair and an open shirt trying to look as hetero as possible, and failing. Still, “JT makes better music than K-Fed” is a tough argument to make. Determining which of them sucks less is a job for more masochistic souls than us. BONUS: Make the Logo Bigger has found a K-Fed/Britney Flash game, which is slightly more wholesome and safe for work than the purported clip from the Britney/K-Fed sex tape.

—Posted by David Kiefaber