JWT builds giant doll for Aussie candy spot

Pediophobes (that's people who suffer from a fear of dolls) hopefully stayed well away from the April ad shoot in Brisbane, Australia, that produced this commercial from JWT Sydney for Allen's Confectionery. It shows a 30-foot-tall doll, created with help from animatronics expert John Cox (an Oscar winner for his work on Babe), delighting a crowd by blowing huge oblong candy bubbles that explode and rain down normal-size candy. There's a lengthy behind-the-scenes video here. The doll, at least in its stature, resembles a similar giant puppet created in 2006 by French theater company Royal de Luxe. That doll was more frightening-looking, like something out of a fairy tale. This one, dressed in pink with blonde pigtails and walking along to the nursery rhyme "This Old Man," is more baby-like, in keeping with the candy theme.

—Posted by Tim Nudd