Justin Bieber Flies Around, Sniffs Girl in New Fragrance Ad

I have literally nothing to say about Justin Bieber's just-released commercial for his fragrance Someday. (Scroll down to see it.) But Twitter has a lot to say. Let's look at the Someday fever running through the land.
• "Justin Bieber's fragrance commercial is out. I just had a douche chill run through my inner being."
• "Bieber's perfume commercial has already made the beliebers all wet, including guys. true story."
• "I'm so weird, I keep watching the Justin Bieber Someday commercial over & over again… Imagining I'm the girl in the video."
• "OMG, the Bieber perfume commercial is strangely disturbing."
• "the #someday commercial is the best commercial I've ever seen. I wouldn't mind to watch it over and over..and OVER."
• "@justinbieber if i spray Someday on my neck, will you come and smell me like you did in the commercial?"
• "ummm can I call dibs on being the girl in your commercial for your next womens perfume????"
• "wow the commercial for SOMEDAY is haaaawt!!"
• "dear #someday commercial creators, we r expecting to fly in heaven with @justinbieber everytime we spray this product. sincerely, beliebers."
• "just watched @justinbieber's someday commercial haha he looks like he wants to laugh but cant lol."
• "U hav GOT 2 b kidding."
• "@justinbieber to be honest I thought the #someday commercial was a little bit confusing 🙂 But I love u anyway!"