Just as funny the second time around

Dogjudo_1Since last week was Fashion Week in New York and one of this week’s big crowd-pleasers was the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, we thought we’d point you to a site that mixes both—www.dogjudo.co.uk—an online effort from Virgin Mobile that features four episodes in the life of a judo-practicing dog and his compatriots. (A full discussion of judo fashion is held in episode No. 1. The site was acting a little kludgy earlier this week, but seems to be working fine now.)

We kinda missed it when it first launched late last year, but with two new episodes up—and two more on the way—it seems as good a time as any to put something truly hilarious on the radar screen, even if we’re still scratching our heads over what, exactly, dog judo has to do with mobile phones. Of course, Americans will find this even funnier than the U.K. market it’s intended for, because despite being the world’s remaining super power, we’ve never gotten over that charming English accent thing.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor