Juicy, sexy cranberry rocks Raisinets’ world

You can't eat just one Raisinet, or watch just one of Nestlé's animated Webisodes touting the fruit-candy brand's cranberry line extension. In fact, you can watch two of them, because that's how many of the unabashedly goofy/trippy minute-long clips are currently available. Bitchy raisins (they look more like purple teeth or alien brains) razz a cranberry (who resembles a bloated tick) and say things like, "Oh, for fruit's sake!" A funky, Shaft-style song plays when the new berry arrives: "Who's the sassy fruit that's high on…" "Don't say that!" "But I'm talkin' 'bout energyyy. Cran's got it!" All of this takes place in a magical land of milk-chocolate swimming pools and waterfalls I thought existed only in my mind, or in Southern California. It's completely entertaining. I can hardly wait for the "Dance Off" in episode 4. Hurry up and post it, for fruit's sake!

—Posted by David Gianatasio