Juice spot resurrects long-extinct Dodo bird


In this animated U.K. advert from VCCP, crates of 5 Alive fruit drink wash ashore on the island of Mauritius, the only known home of the dodo, a species that died out more than 300 years ago. The juice spills into the ground, and the long-vanished bird is promptly reborn. Since this is a commercial, the dodo shakes its tail-feathers to infectious soul-thumper "I'm Alive!" I guess a radio washed up as well. The bird is understandably pleased to be back among the living, though the sudden imbalance in the delicate ecosystem probably means the rest of the island's wildlife is doomed. Way to go, 5 Alive! The dodo's got a Facebook page and YouTube channel, but achieving brand-icon status is no mean feat, and this birdbrain will need more than, well, mean feet to stave off extinction.

—Posted by David Gianatasio