Jon Huntsman Gets His Ad Campaign Off to a Wonderfully Weird Start

GOP ad operative Fred Davis created this teaser ad for Jon Huntsman, a former Utah governor who's set to announce his candidacy for the White House next week. Davis's infamous past ads include the demon sheep for Carly Fiorina and "I am not a witch" for Christine O'Donnell. Contrast those efforts with the ambiguous Huntsman spot. Its brilliance stems from conveying absolutely nothing of value and making no intellectual demands on the viewer whatsoever. Thus, it really speaks to me, because, like all right-thinking Americans, I prefer to know as little as possible about who I'm backing and to exercise zero thought before I step into the voting booth. In the clip, someone rides a motorcycle through the desert (is it Ashley Fiolek?) while copy informs us that Huntsman "did not become famous with his band Wizard." Awesome! (Plus, the name "Huntsman" suggests a pro-firearms position without coming right out and saying it. Genius!) He absolutely, positively has my support. Unless the Donald jumps in. He's an arrogant uber-rich media star, and that American Dream trifecta trumps all. Except for sex appeal. So, bottom line, if Palin's still reasonably hot next year, I'm voting for her. Definitely. Or for Obama. Wow, this Huntsman spot sure helped me make up my mind!