Johnny Depp gets unanimated in ‘Rango’ ad


That adorable Johnny Depp can really sell a movie, right? Well, not so much for The Tourist, but some thought he was the only reason Alice in Wonderland made such a boatload of money. Now, it’s time for Rango, an animated flick in which the ageless heartthrob plays a bug-eyed lizard who becomes sheriff of a dusty desert town. Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Films have pulled out the advertising equivalent of the big gun—Depp himself, that is—in commercials that just started airing. Previous spots have included only the cartoon critters, but now potential moviegoers get to see Depp and his cold-blooded, animated likeness side by side. (The TV spot is a shortened version of the clip shown here). Whether or not the studio is concerned about Rango‘s prospects—it won’t have much all-family competition when it opens March 4, and it had a splashy introduction via a Super Bowl ad—they no doubt made a good call in putting the voice with the face.