John Lewis Serves You From Cradle to Grave


Ad agency Adam & Eve's 90-second spot for U.K. retailer John Lewis encompasses 70-plus years in a woman's life to illustrate the brand's long-term commitment to its customers. Our subject is first glimpsed as an infant in a crib. The editing and scene shifts are amazing as we follow her through the toddler stage, grade school, teenage years, college, marriage, pregnancy, middle age, etc. Does the same actress play her at all those stages? I'll have to look into that. Seriously, this is one evocative and quietly intense emotional ride. It's exquisitely made, but seems like a bit much to hawk sundresses and recliners. Besides, who wants a department store for a life-stalker? (And accompanied by a Billy Joel song, no less. I'd get fed up around 45. OK, 55, tops!) One more frame, and John Lewis would've been handing her a bill in the grave.