Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Are Telenovela Foes in This Insane Ad for Fox Sports

Ay, dios mio

What would happen if football didn't exist? Well, for one thing, Fox Sports announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman would have very different jobs.

The two hombres star in this perfectly executed spot made in the style of a Latin telenovela. And it's glorious. While their Spanish is downright remedial, they make up for it with absurd soap-opera melodrama. (Fox Sports seems to be going full comedy this fall, having also rolled out the "Sorry About All the Football" campaign.)

You could take issue with the premise, though. It's highly doubtful, outside of football, that these two guys would have ever ended up in the same room. Unless baseball still existed, and Aikman played on the Red Sox.

The YouTube page says this is "the first of a series of videos featuring NFL on Fox talent, so it will be fun to see what happens next as the "drama unfolds."

A world without football is, of course, inconceivable. But a world with more of these ads?

Si, por favor!

Via Awful Announcing.