Jilted blanket has a beef with Chef Boyardee

Chef boyardee kids

You've got to give Venables, Bell & Partners credit for trying something
unexpected in the shop's first work for Chef Boyardee, shown below. Most agencies
would probably play it safe with close-ups of smiling, ravioli-fed kids and
smiling, ravioli-serving moms. Or maybe cast a smiling, ravioli-fed actor as
Chef Boyardee. Venables instead serves up some not-so-smiley ravioli-fed kids, then gets wacky with a talking blanket. It's almost
like "Blankey" was knitted by a focus group. He's got an attitude, but he's
non-threatening. He's in your face, but really, he just wants to snuggle. At the very least, he's novel for the category, and as Adweek's Barbara Lippert notes, the spot "taps into a vein of nostalgia and comfort while still being somewhat dark and sarcastic." Speaking of which, those kids in the spot seem
a bit old for security blankets, but no worries; they'll be graduating to
tokin' with Towelie soon enough.