Jewelry being made from MJ’s charred hair


It's come to this: Greedy vultures at some outfit called LifeGem claim to be making jewelry out of the charred hair from Michael Jackson's ill-fated 1984 Pepsi commercial shoot. There's precedent for this sort of thing. During the height of Beatlemania, small pieces of towels supposedly used by the Fab Four to dry their faces after sold-out shows were popular. Still, a long-dried streak of Ringo sweat isn't as freaky and ghoulish as a crystallized sample of MJ's toasted mane. But then, few celebs were as freaky and ghoulish as the King of Pop, so maybe the product is fitting after all. Given his fondness for oddball esoterica, if someone had offered MJ a lock of hair from, say, the Elephant Man, he might've offered the entire Beatles' catalog in return.

—Posted by David Gianatasio