James Lipton Helping Toyota Pluralize Prius


Last we saw James Lipton, he was using his omnipotent beard to get teens to stop sending photos of their genitals to each other—one of the oddest PSA campaigns in recent memory. Now, the Inside the Actors Studio host is back in this fairly humorous video for Toyota, in which he chats with a down-market William Shakespeare about language, and eventually gets around to the issue at hand—i.e., what the plural of "Prius" should be. Toyota is putting a load of messaging behind this pluralization campaign, having first appealed to consumers to pick their favorite plural almost a month ago. The hilariously odd Lipton takes it to another level, though. Voting on the plural of Prius ends Feb. 20. Won't you, in Lipton's words, give it a ponder? Via Adrants.