Jack Nicholson loves Maurice Lévy

Levy2_1They didn’t skimp on introductions at Charlie Rose’s interview of Maurice Lévy on Monday afternoon. Willam Baker of PBS Thirteen WNET introduced Rose. Yahoo!’s Wenda Harris Millard introduced Lévy. And then Rose further set the table by recalling a July 2004 interview he filmed with Lévy at his office in Paris. Months later, in Los Angeles, he ran into Jack Nicholson, who brought up that interview. “The French advertising guy—I thought it was great,” Nicholson said. Before responding to Rose’s first question (“Where does Aegis fit in this grand scheme you call Publicis?”), Lévy took a stab at humor, poo-pooing the source of the compliment. “Kim Basinger, OK. Or Nicole Kidman, fine. But Jack Nicholson? Who cares?” he said, before adding, in his sometimes broken English, “Just kid.”

—Posted by Andrew McMains

Photo: Allan Tannenbaum