Jack Link’s back to messing with Sasquatch


After a two-year hiatus, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky has brought back its Sasquatch icon in a series of new commercials from Carmichael Lynch. The creature is a bit daft and somewhat socially inept, as you might expect. The commercials revolve around young campers playing junior-high-style pranks on him. In the spot below, he startles a group relaxing by a campfire, munching on beef jerky. One woman inexplicably invites Sasquatch, who is carrying an uprooted tree, to sit down by the fire. They put a whoopee cushion under him before he sits down. Merriment ensues, until Sasquatch unleashes an epic fart on his tormenters. Sophisticated, it is not, but beef jerky is not the snack of choice for the upper crust. Carmichael Lynch promises more ads with “sophomoric yet well-known pranks.” Check out the official “He’s back” video after the jump, in which Sasquatch shows off some unexpected guitar chops.