Jack Daniel’s also feeling the political spirit


I may have been a tad hasty in my earlier post on Captain Morgan’s options for a running mate. Perhaps Jack Daniel’s would be his best bet, though no candidate with an apostrophe-S on the end of his name has ever been elected to high office in the history of our great nation. Boston agency Arnold, always eager to join a party of any persuasion, has crafted a series of posters that mix the Jack Daniel’s brand imagery with Mad Men-era political design. The tagline is, "Socialize liberally. Drink conservatively." One poster reads: "Drinking champagne is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate being elected president. Of France." (Of course, Sarkozy also got to make love to Carla Bruni, but imagine how much hotter it would’ve been with some Jack on hand. On second thought, don’t.) Another poster proclaims: "Jack supports all parties." Somewhere, JFK has a big smile on his face, and a full glass in each hand. See eight more posters after the jump.

—Posted by David Gianatasio