It’s a chocolate world, man, can you dig?

Hershey2_2 What's with the sudden mania for trippy food ads? I was just coming down from that Friendly's commercial when Hershey blows my mind with it’s “Pure Hershey’s” campaign. How “pure” is your chocolate, Hershey? How pure is this rock, man? Sorry, I was watching an old Starsky & Hutch. Arnold teamed with Aardman Animations, the Wallace & Gromit people, to craft the ad, which is way more visually dynamic than Friendly’s “Ice Cream World”—sort of like comparing upscale Cartoon Network fare to campy ’70s Saturday morning TV. We journey inside a Hershey’s bar that melts into scenes of a young couple tooling around in a chocolate convertible with candy bunnies hopping in pursuit. One complaint: the soundtrack is a wimpy remake of the Modern English song “I Melt With You.” Turn down the sound on the ad and watch it with the original by cranked up high. Now that’s a trip.

—Posted by David Gianatasio