It’s California: Need we say more?

Probably because summer is growing ever closer, AdFreak has been spending many a post exploring the wacky, only occasionally wonderful, world of tourism slogans—which is why it was refreshing to see that California has dreamt up this straightforward tagline: “Visit California.” Inspired? Certainly not. But does California really have to dream up some incredible concept to market itself like, for instance, this state? In a way, it’s surprising to see California tourism advertising at all since it’s such a popular destination—makes one wonder if something not so great is going on with its tourism industry. But back to the campaign. A TV spot I saw last week on cable, like the tagline, also eschews great conceptual statements; it featured Teri Hatcher and Clint Eastwood, who utters the line “Do you feel lucky?” from one of the Dirty Harry movies. (I guess, "Go ahead, make my day" doesn’t really work as a come-on to potential tourists.) But whatever. Yeah, Clint was once mayor of Carmel, so he has lotsa spokesperson cred, but finding celebrities to promote the state’s charms is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor