It’s pretty easy being (and seeing) green

eFlicks Media, a small ad shop/production house, has launched Earth Advertising, a New York agency designed “to meet the growing demands of the group’s largest key client: the planet.” Perhaps I missed our globe’s RFP, but that’s beside the point. Earth Advertising describes itself as “a cooperative of top talent and pioneers in the media industry united to support businesses in clean technology, new energy, progressive transportation, sustainable agriculture, socially responsible investment, non-toxic detergents and health-safe products.” The shop is best known for handling the Zipcar account. As Adweek reported in ’02: “Signing up with Zipcar will allow drivers to spend more time having sex and less time parking their cars. That’s the idea expressed in a new outdoor campaign from eFlicks Media.” So, the shop knows that sex sells. And Jack Welch has been preaching that Green Marketing is the way for entrepreneurs to get ahead. So maybe Earth Advertising is right on the money. Which is, of course, the green that matters most in this business.

—Posted by David Gianatasio