It’s all in the family at the new Clorox site

Clorox “Clorox wanted a site that was going to latch onto the new trend of families getting back together. They said, ‘We have all these recipes—what should we do with them?’ We said, ‘You should create an experience around keeping the family together.’ ” Sounds eerily like the marketing lady from The Simpsons who suggests that Poochie the surfer-dog “get bizzay!” when he joins The Itchy & Scratchy Show. The quote comes from an ecd at Tribal DDB, explaining the rationale behind Clorox’s new site. I’m not sure if the non-brand-related content—flower arranging, tips on how to throw Frisbees and play Slap Jack—will help strengthen family ties. I know one Jack I’d like to slap: the one from the fast-food campaign. A Web site on his family situation could be compelling.

—Posted by David Gianatasio