iPod, you Pod, we all Pod

Ipod1It was only a matter of time before the iPod phenomenon gave birth to new words and phrases among the "pod people culture." We’ve already heard about the "iPod economy." Now, featured in the venerable New York Times on Sunday, we have "podjacking"—the practice of tapping into a friend’s (or stranger’s) iPod and absconding with their tunes. (There’s event a whole Web site, Podjacking.com, devoted to it.)

What’s next? Before you know it, iPod will be used as a verb. Trouble is, "iPodded" doesn’t have the same ring as "Googled," "TiVoed" or any of the proper-noun-turned-verbs before it. And in what context would one use it?

We’ll give it some thought as we listen to U2’s new album, which we podjacked from our colleague’s iPod mini.

—Posted by Alison Fahey