Inter-utensil romance blooms at Kona Grill


AdFreak's top honors this week in the Kinkiest Restaurant Ad category go to the Kona Grill chain (and its Minneapolis-based agency, Gabriel deGrood Bendt) for this blackmailesque photo of fork and chopsticks in bed together. The idea is that Kona Grill is "a place where opposites attract," though it's not self-evidently obvious that forks and chopsticks are opposites (rather than, say, variations on the same theme). Another ad in the series pursues the illicit-affair theme with the headline, "Meat lover and sushi lover caught swapping plates." In still another, "Adventurous foursome shares each other's spicy tuna rolls." If nothing else, all this naughtiness makes it plain that Kona Grill is not what you'd call a "family restaurant."

—Posted by Mark Dolliver