I’m lovin’ peelin’?

Mcd_monopoly1It’s no secret that AdFreak is easily amused. But at a recent visit to our end-of-the-block McDonald’s, even we didn’t find the restaurant cup-copywriter’s removable-sticker fetish all that hilarious. "Peeling is fun!" text screamed above the two detachable game pieces on our large soft drink cup. It was there, of course, to promote McDonald’s Monopoly 3.0 game, running now through mid-November via the Web and stickers attached to various product packages. But let’s get this straight: For most people, peeling is not fun. Did the previously-mentioned cup-copywriter think we wouldn’t have bothered to remove our game pieces had we not been told it would be a blast? Did he or she think, "No, we can’t just rehash that ‘Peel me, I dare you’ text we’re using on the Web site." We gotta try something really crazy on the cups!" Or did a focus group of closet sticker-peelers report that a good ol’ fashioned approach like "Peel here and win" was just "too vanilla"? As far as the Monopoly game is concerned, there are plenty of reasons to say "I’m lovin’ it"—regardless of how or with whom that’s accomplished. It is definitely fun to win prizes like $1 million, movie walk-on roles, iPods and more McDonald’s large soft drinks. But when we’re eating our 3-piece Chicken Selects with a side of well-done hash browns, we do not care to recall that 1996 trip to Jamaica, the one where we came back looking like Freddy Krueger … and peeled.

—Posted by Randi Schmelzer