If you really want to follow political ads …

If you read AdFreak often, you’ve no doubt noticed that we do an excellent job of not covering political advertising. It’s like the crazy uncle we don’t want to admit being related to. Thankfully, New York has several features on its Web site that serve as a helpful compendium to a particularly ugly political season, so we don’t have to. On the magazine’s “Early and Often” blog, there’s this rundown of current New York state political ads, and in a feature from the current print edition, with Stephen Colbert on the cover, there’s “The Midterm Mudslinging Scorecard” which culls the best (worst?) soundbites from political ads across the country. Our favorite is this one from the Virginia Senate race, pitting Sen. George Allen (R) against Jim Webb (D). Says Allen about Webb: “Who is more modern in their attitude towards women: the Taliban or … Webb? Tough call.” Those references to Muslim fundamentalists get ’em every time.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor