If you met your ideas, they might scare you


This visually arresting spot by Euro RSCG Chicago for Invesco PowerShares shows a man going inside his own brain and seeing his ideas personified—as a bunch of little people and one giant. I’m not ready to face my ideas in the flesh. For one thing, I doubt my ideas would wear suits like this. I don’t even own a clean pair of pants. The ad was directed by MJZ’s Dante Ariola, whose last name is almost naughty. He did a nice job, but I hope the giant stays inside the guy’s brain. If he gets out, he’s liable to crush us all, or at least brag like a jerk over his "ideas about investing." What’s the plan—buy low, sell high and sink the profits into time shares in Myrtle Beach? Good luck, you giant freak—you won’t even fit through the door!

—Posted by David Gianatasio