If you hated T-Radio, you’ll despise T-TV

You’ve got to hand it to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Rider complaints get T-Radio bumped from platforms, so they up the ante with a proposal to install ad-supported TV screens in 21 Boston-area stations. The programming would include next-train information in the mix. Why bother? Every commuter knows the status of his or her train: DELAYED. Sure, Katie Couric will need a gig once CBS swings the ax. But she’d be Katie Cah-ric here. Amtrak’s begun wrapping entire trains in advertising. I’d like to tweak that idea for the MBTA: Wrap the passengers in ads. Wrap me head to toe. You can keep the revenue if I get to ride for free. I’m already lining up sponsors. Local car dealerships, bicycle shops, taxi services, walking clubs. All alternate forms of transportation: All aboard!

—Posted by David Gianatasio