If Lars von Trier had directed ‘Titanic’

Dakino1_1 This campaign is just too funny. The ads, promoting the DaKino Film Festival in Bucharest, Romania, imagine what blockbuster movies would look like had they been directed by indie filmmakers. This one is Titanic directed by Lars von Trier. (In that version, the emotionally abused viewer would feel great relief at the end of the film, when both Jack and Rose sink like rocks to the bottom of the Atlantic after carrying on a love triangle with a one-eyed crippled stowaway.) CoolzOr has posted one other ad in the series: Basic Instinct as directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Hopefully there are others. The reverse would be an interesting campaign, too: indie films had they been made by mainstream directors. The agency is Lowe in Bucharest.

—Posted by Tim Nudd