For ‘Idol’ judge, one life too many?

I get hundreds (thousands?) of e-mails every day. Some are more notable (read: ridiculous) than others. This subject line, for reasons I cannot explain, stopped me cold: “9/19 Press Conference. Randy Jackson of American Idol and Morris the Cat.” Turns out they are introducing something called the 9Lives Million Cat Rescue. The message said to RSVP for press credentials. My thoughts zig-zagged: Why save one cat, let alone a million? Who is the bigger star these days, Randy or the Morris the cat? Couldn’t they afford Garfield? What kind of credentials could I possibly need for such an event? Catnip? A ball of string? Will Paula Abdul and Woodstock stage a rival event? I’ll attend on one condition: Randy credits the 9Lives diet with helping him shed all those pounds. Now that’s news. Meeow!

—Posted by David Gianatasio