Ian McKellen speaks up for old women in ad


I feared the worst when I heard something about Sir Ian McKellen and a frail old woman, but luckily, all he does is lip-sync to her voice in this PSA for Age UK, a charity that helps elderly people who are lonely and living in poverty. Gandalf's only other ad work to date has been a voiceover for a Stephen King book (after appearing in the movie version of Apt Pupil) and a spot promoting tours of the Tower of London. So, if nothing else, this ad balances out Nazis and thumbscrews on his résumé. Age UK has a website with more information, by the way, if what McKellen said struck a chord with you. And how could it not? I mean, he's adorable. Check out a similar spot after the jump with Brian Cox, along with behind-the-scenes videos with both actors.

—Posted by David Kiefaber