I do not find your brown bubbles appetizing

There's a problem with this "Feel the bubbles" spot by JWT London for candy bar Aero, and it has nothing to do with the controversy AgencySpy is reporting—that hard-core skaters are angry that the idea was lifted from some skateboarding film. No, as usual, the IQ-challenged, scabby-kneed kids (the skateboarders, not the AgencySpy folks) miss the bigger issue: all of the off-putting scatological references and imagery in the ad. Come on, a winding tunnel filled with brown bubbles? Please. Frankly, Nestlé, I don't wanna "feel" your bubbles. I'll stay out of the tub, thanks. I'll grab a Snickers instead. An immature interpretation on my part, you say? A stretch? Perhaps. Still, Adrants thinks the ad echoes the swimming-pool scene from Caddyshack. Let's be glad it's not for Baby Ruth.

—Posted by David Gianatasio