How teen is my Valli: CosmoGIRL promotes girl group

Valligirls11Speaking of girl groups, CosmoGIRL! (the exclamation point demonstrates the magazine staff’s excitement, not ours), has beat Saatchi to the punch by already actively promoting a girl group in its pages and putting it an ad campaign. We received an, um, effusive email from the CosmoGIRLs yesterday touting a new song called “Born to Lead” by a group called the Valli Girls, “with lyrics penned by CosmoGirl!’s very own executive director of marketing, Keith Gordon.” The song and band are a cornerstone of a current CosmoGIRL! promotional effort. The Valli Girls, which are signed with Sony/BMG (when we Googled them, we only found links to Frankie Valli), are described in the email as being “straight from our pages—diverse, original, and spirited.” Is it sheer luck that, based on the pictures we received from the magazine, they also just happen to be babes?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor