How long will you live? Here’s a Web site that can tell you

Lifeexpectancy_1I am breathing easier this morning, as I’ve just learned that I’m going to live to the ripe old age of 91. This handy bit of information comes from How Long Will I Live?, a new Web site/viral campaign from Norwich Union Healthcare in the U.K. You answer a few questions, and it spits out your estimated time of demise. The site is geared toward U.K. residents—you have to tell them where in England you live (pick a place that sounds nice) and what your favorite English soap opera is (East Enders is OK). But aside from that, it works just fine for U.S. visitors. I must say, 91 sounds alright, as long as I still know who I am by that point. Now I don’t even have to exercise more.

—Posted by Tim Nudd