How can you fail with an annoying whine?

So, KFC is introducing a new Boneless Variety Bucket, and they want to score points with the young people. Do they put a toy or CD in the bucket, like normal people? Of course not. Instead, in a new ad, they include an extremely high-frequency whiny, buzzing sound that apparently only younger people (and their dogs, I imagine) can hear. See the ad here. Those who identify the source of what’s being called the Mosquito Ringtone get a chance to try the Boneless Variety Bucket before everyone else. Doesn’t seem like much of a prize. All the same, people are excited. Simon Morris of Compound Security Systems is “thrilled that KFC is spicing up their ads with the Mosquito Ringtone. … It shows how clever and irreverent advertising can resonate in unexpected ways with their customers.“ Actually, he owns the company that invented the Mosquito Ringtone, so chalk that up to KFC’s check clearing. Whether or not you can hear it, if you go home and find an empty KFC bucket in the backyard, you’ll know what the dog’s been watching.

—Posted by David Kiefaber