How Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones Would Have Looked Circa 1995

What were they thinking?

With chillingly accurate typography and scrolling VCR recording lines, fans on YouTube have been reimagining their favorite current shows as cheesy '90s sitcoms. User Goestoeleven started the trend with a masterful 1995 take on Breaking Bad as a family comedy and The Walking Dead as a cop show. (Breaking Bad was also recently reimagined as a Mentos commercial.) Then, Hunterlsanders uploaded Game of Thrones Circa 1995, managing to find every smile in the entire series and set them all to Queen's epic ballad "I Want It All." It's amazing how far show credits—and well, the shows themselves—have come in a decade. Though TV watching itself has declined, the content keeps getting better. We may yearn for the viewership numbers of 1995, but none of us wants to go back to a time when Highlander was one of the best shows on TV.