Horrible haunted head hawks hockey skates


An evil disembodied head in a high-school locker dispensing advice about hockey? Sounds like a nightmare you'd have after too many nacho plates at the rink. Actually, it's an amusing Cramer-Krasselt ad for Reebok-CCM skates. The gap-toothed puck-jockey speaks with a European accent and laughs maniacally. Awesome! In a companion spot (after the jump), it cracks wise from inside a bowling-ball bag at the local lanes. Less awesome! The standard in the disembodied-noggin ad category remains Diesel's "Quique the Head" spot from last year. It's head and shoulders above the rest! Well, a head above, at any rate. Via Ads of the World. UPDATE: As commenter points out, the head is Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals.