HoJo brings back claymation, no one cares

Howard Johnson started its "Go happy. Go HoJo" campaign a few weeks ago, and despite it being one of the oddest hotel campaigns out there, no one really seemed to notice. Only 300 YouTube views in three weeks (10 of which are mine)? Maybe it's because the art director looked at all the options and said, "You know what's coming back? Stop-motion clay animation." Once again proving the eerie connection between claymation and hallucinations. See all the spots here. In one, dollar bills skate after a HoJo customer and follow him into an elevator. In another, a man types on his laptop while riding a cheetah into a maid. Thank goodness the molding putty hasn't taken over the Web site yet. Wonder what they were thinking? They'll tell you, in Star Wars style: They're after a younger target audience, the sort who watched frightening claymation holiday specials as children. Well, they caught my attention. I love that each spot is only 15 seconds. And I have to admit the deals seem pretty sweet. But … claymation? I can't be the only one out there who finds it scarier than clowns.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers