Hit ‘print’ and you’ll kill a cute leaf turtle

Recycle Turtles.jpg
Hill, Holliday enters the popular “stuff that resembles other stuff” sub-genre by touting a corporate recycling program to all U.S. employees of healthcare giant Covidien. The posters were wisely printed on recycled stock to avoid snarky blog comments from people like me. There are screen savers too, just in case Covidien staffers are allowed to use computers in their eco-friendly wonderworld. The campaign shows leaves grouped to resemble fish, butterflies and turtles. Mullen used a similar turtle gag with a leaf, no less! in an ad last year for the New England Aquarium. I dunno, this kind of campaign just leaves me flat. I’m sorry, that line was my only reason for writing this post, and I’m not taking it back. Hat tip to Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio