Hey, who wants to smell like cheese?

That’s the question everyone is asking now that British television personality Cat “So You Think You Can Dance” Deeley has been approached to endorse a product called Eau de Stilton. We gleaned this information from a press release titled “The Cat That Got the Cheese” (now that’s wordplay!), which goes on to explain: “The perfume, which has been blended by Manchester-based ID Aromatics, re-creates the earthy and fruity aroma of Blue Stilton cheese in an eminently wearable perfume.” Ah, Manchester, perfume capital of the British Isles, where nothing ever smells remotely bad. We’ve been obsessed with cheese lately, so might I suggest there are even cheesier things one can smell like. Via Neatorama. Photo by Doc18.

—Posted by David Gianatasio