Hey guys! You’re looking older, not better

Lorealmen1Finally, a campaign aimed at making men as insecure about their looks as women have long been. Thank you, L’Oréal! I noticed it yesterday, while walking the underground walkways that connect Grand Central Terminal to points north. It was presented in the billboard equivalent of surround sound—posters everywhere! Promoting L’Oréal’s Men’s Expert skincare line, it actually comes right out and says that the missus—or mistress—sees room for improvement in her significant other’s not-so-youthful looks. I’m  paraphrasing here, but it serves up headlines like this: “You think you’re freshly pressed. She thinks your wrinkles are showing.” By the time aging metrosexual commuters have seen comment after comment about their smile lines, forehead wrinkles and sagging skin, their self-esteem must be beaten to a pulp. To women (including, I must admit, this one), it feels more like the ultimate expression of women’s liberation. You’ve come a long way, baby!

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor