Here’s why we like Ogilvy’s site

Ogilvy21_1Commenting on yesterday’s post about the Saatchi & Saatchi Web site, one AdFreak reader asked a fair question: Can we name an agency Web site that we do like? Well, yes—the one for Ogilvy & Mather comes to mind. It’s not the only good agency site out there, nor is Saatchi’s the only one that confuses us. But here’s why, in our humble opinion, the Ogilvy site works: It manages to balance the dual needs of any agency Web site—to be a place to market the company and to provide people with quick access to nuts-and-bolts information. It’s not the graphics that separate it from a lot of its rivals, though the site looks nice; it’s the navigation. Instead of launching you headlong into the agency’s positioning, it gives you the option of clicking on its 360-degree brand-stewardship section or simply checking out where it has offices around the world. The presentation of the creative portfolio also works well. Click on a company logo, and the page fills with examples of print, Web and TV efforts, all clearly marked. We could quibble that the news presented on the home page is somewhat cluttered, but all in all, it’s a user-friendly destination.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor