Here’s the re-gift they’ll always remember

Wine_2It’s just a few days until Christmas and you’re stuck at your desk with a half-finished shopping list in your pocket. Then, a package arrives from a client or customer or, in our business, an ad agency or source, and you can’t help but see it as a perfect gift for Grandma or Uncle Bud. So, you indulge in the time-honored tradition of putting it in a different package and regifting it. (Although the practice has been around for decades it was Seinfeld that gave it a name.)

The folks at WestWayne in Tampa understand that and made it a little easier for befuddled shoppers this year. The independent shop sent out about 200 bottles of wine to clients that included several labels that could be attached to the bottle and used in different situations. You can attach the "Return My Mower" label and give it to your neighbor. Or, you can use the "Alimony" label and give it to your ex-wife. Need something for the boss? Use the "Bucking for a Raise" label.

"Regifting is a truism," said Tom McMahon, creative director at WestWayne. "If you haven’t done it, you’ve thought about it. We wanted to acknowledge that."

Not that WestWayne actually expects people to use the labels. It’s an excellent bottle of wine that the shop hopes its clients keep and enjoy, he said. "We just wanted to put a little bit of WestWayne’s personality in the gift and entertain people with the labels," he said.

We gave ours to the guy who runs the mailroom. He can choose whichever label he wants, but we are pretty sure he will be the one who drinks it.

—Posted by Jim Lovel