Here’s to older imbibers

SantadrinkingNumerous studies have found evidence that moderate drinking boosts longevity . Now, some new research, as summarized on the HealthScout Web site, suggests the reverse is also true: Increased longevity (plus better health among geezers) is giving a boost to drinking.  Historically, drinkers have reduced their alcohol intake as they age. While that’s still true, "new research suggests recent generations of older Americans are cutting back just a little less than their parents did." The researchers speculate that "better access to health care and improved general health may mean today’s ‘young old’ feel they can get away with a little more drinking than their parents did at the same age." (For those of you who subscribe to the American Journal of Public Health, the full study is reported in that publication’s March issue. Alcohol marketers will doubtless work to capitalize on this phenomenon, perhaps positioning an aperitif as the perfect complement to a retiree’s early-bird special.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver

Photo credit: Brand X/Getty Images