Here are some really happy cows

Cow_grassWho says happy cows only come from California? For years, the California Milk Advisory Board and Deutsch have been telling us that California makes the best cheese because the warm, sunny weather breeds “happy cows,” and happy cows make better milk. Well, if it’s happy cows you want, you might also want to check out those in alpine states like Switzerland and Liechtenstein, where some farmers have been making a habit of feeding cows (and pigs) hemp. The famers claim the weed helps the animals relax and stay healthy. But with concerns growing over whether THC is being passed along to the milk, the government recently banned the use of hemp as livestock fodder. Farmers are enraged, and so, I would imagine, are many cows, who now have find another way to chill out on the farm. California must be looking better every minute.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis