Help or snub the poor with Campbell Mithun


Campbell Mithun has launched anti-poverty banners for the Greater Twin Cities United Way that feature impoverished people and buttons that read "Accept" and "Ignore." You're encouraged to choose one or the other. The word "Help" might make more sense than "Accept," but I suppose acceptance is the first step in combating the problem. It's the "Ignore" option, though, that makes the ads hard to ignore and proves irresistible to immature and jaded users like me. I clicked "Ignore" to find out where I'd be redirected for being so heartless. Google search results for "poverty"? Or maybe for "hell," my presumed destination for not helping my fellow man? I got a screen that said, "We understand not everyone is in a position to give," and I began to feel all guilty and ashamed. Well played, Campbell Mithun. Making folks loathe themselves enough to consider a donation is the second step in combating the problem.

—Posted by David Gianatasio