‘Help I’m Nauseous Is Not Deviled Egg Flavored’

This and other pertinent facts from a pharma press release

Help Remedies is always amusing. The pharma boutique, known for its strange and compelling advertising, can liven up even the most tedious of media communications—the new-product press release. "Help I'm Nauseous is not deviled egg flavored" was the subject line of the just-released release. See the whole thing after the jump. Unlike most PR missives, it won't leave you feeling queasy.

Help® Rescues Travelers from Motion Sickness

Independent Pharma brand launches help I'm nauseous

NEW YORK, NY (May 1, 2012) – Help® announces the launch of help I'm nauseous. Just in time for summer, help I'm nauseous saves you from stomach-churning perils of being sandwiched in the middle seat on airplanes, riding in the back of the station wagon cross country while your parents sing show tunes, sailing the seas on booze cruises, and sight-seeing on double decker buses. help I'm nauseous contains eight non-drowsy 25 mg Meclizine HCI tablets for relief of motion sickness in an easy to carry, portable package.
     "Motion sickness is a common part of traveling and our product is small and easy to pack," said Richard Fine, Help's Co-Founder and CEO, "It's a great item to throw into your travel bag, whether you are traveling by air, sea, or street. "
     help I'm nauseous prevents and treats nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, three things that people generally don't want to experience. The product contains a single ingredient (Meclizine HCI) and comes in earth-friendly paper pulp and bioplastic packaging.
     "help I'm nauseous should be included with 3D glasses," said Nathan Frank, Co-Founder and Creative Director, "nothing ruins going to see summer blockbusters more than vomiting in your lap."
     help I'm nauseous joins the Help Remedies® product line which includes help I have allergies, help I have a blister, and help I can't sleep. Available in Target stores nationwide and at helpineedhelp.com.