HelloFlo Just Unleashed a New Song and Dance About Postpartum Incontinence

You won't be able to look away

Women's health site HelloFlo has released a new ad about postpartum urinary incontinence.

The women's health site is known for its fun, disruptive ads, but "Leaks Can't Stop Me Now" is no "Camp Gyno." After a few home runs, this one is a swing and a miss. HelloFlo gets gold stars for talking openly and candidly about women's health issues, but this spot lacks the fun-and-cool factor that permeates its previous spot.

It's a full two and a half minutes of singing ("Stop, cock a hip, squeeze"), dancing and cringe-worthy moments. HelloFlo has done the postpartum musical thing before. And while the topic may resonate with some moms, for this one the delivery misses the mark.

We're hopeful HelloFlo quickly goes back to its refreshingly smart and clever roots and drops the moms-gone-manic music video routine.