Helena Bonham Carter Doesn’t Do Your Average Boring Fashion Ads

Plenty of Hollywood starlets are commercial ready, serving as the perfect clothes hangers for ads hawking high-priced designer duds. Helena Bonham Carter is not one of them. Not that the two-time Oscar nominee isn't ethereally beautiful. It's just that she's likely to show up on the red carpet with mismatched shoes and frizzy hair. For that, Marc Jacobs adores her. (So do a lot of other people.) Jacobs has made Bonham Carter the centerpiece of his new print ads, the latest of which shows her droopy-eyed with her tongue sticking out, all decked out in polka dots. Everywhere. (Those aren't lesions on her face and hands.) Tim Burton's partner and muse would've always been an interesting choice for fashion ads, but she stands out even more against recent celeb/designer pairings including a waxen Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton and a sullen Tobey Maguire for Prada. Helena looking dazed and blowing a raspberry? More of this, please! Full images after the jump.