Heineken Light teaches new dogs old tricks


Euro RSCG urges beer drinkers to "See the Light" in an episodic series of ads for Heineken Light that show two young guys moving to Florida and soaking up the wisdom of three old men. The trailer is below; see three more clips after the jump. Heineken says: "Our target consumers have a choice to give up on their old ways of doing things, and embrace what's next. Better relationships, more interesting friends, new styles of clothes. Heineken Light is the beer for those who know how to enjoy their better selves." So, why have the two young'uns taking counsel from very literal avatars of the old ways? Still, the ads are funny and sharp enough, so I think they'll be OK. And it's nice to see Peter Cetera connected to something other than a terrible in-house Adult Swim cartoon.

—Posted by David Kiefaber