A heartbreaking film about a musical genius

Devil_danielMore tasty goodness from Movie Marketing Madness. Here is the fantastic movie poster for The Devil and Daniel Johnston. The illustration is by Johnston himself, the genius musician and artist who has struggled all his life with mental illness and is the subject of the documentary. The director, Jeff Feuerzeig, blogging on the movie’s official Web site, explains the origins of the image: “The art for the poster is a piece of Daniel’s that appeared in an excellent zine called Chemical Imbalance many years ago. … I was always blown away by this particular piece of art from CI, as it is the ultimate self-portrait of Daniel that truly shows his obsession with fame as well as his battle with the Devil.” You can also watch the movie trailer here. The film premiered a year ago at Sundance (where it won the
director’s award) and is due for a limited run in the U.S. beginning
March 31. Check out more of Johnston’s artwork in the upcoming Whitney Biennial.

—Posted by Tim Nudd